‘No excuses’ for iPhone 7 case, ‘it’s a matter of life and death’

A new iPhone 7 Plus case, designed for the iPhone 7, is set to be available from US online retailer Amazon this weekend.The case will include an adjustable hinge that allows for a wide range of adjustments including a tilt-up, tilt-down and a wide angle angle, according to a statement by the online retailer.The Apple […]

How to make a business card printer

The new printable business cards can be used to help customers sell their goods, or to send their friends a personalized greeting, and they come in handy when you need to create an impression on someone.In the past, many businesses have tried to compete with online businesses by offering their customers personalized services.Now, many of […]

How to make a ‘busy day’ card for a busy day?

FedEx is offering a simple and elegant way to send a card that’s a little more fun than a business card.The new FedEx Card app for iPhone and Android lets users upload photos and videos and customize them with their own messages.The app lets users send an image to a recipient, which can then be […]