Epson: 5 best smartphone cameras to take with you on your next adventure

The latest version of the best smartphone camera app has been released to the Google Play Store.The new version of Pocket Camera, which was released in the US and the UK on September 4, is an Android app.It is also available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Store.Its main purpose is to allow users […]

How to save the universe with cheap canvas prints

How do you print out a picture of a fish, or a dinosaur, or an apple?Or even a car?Or a car that’s been outfitted with a bunch of expensive bells and whistles?The answer is a cheap and ubiquitous printer called the Canon Printer App.What is Canon Pring App?The Canon Princess is an incredibly affordable machine […]

How to make a ‘busy day’ card for a busy day?

FedEx is offering a simple and elegant way to send a card that’s a little more fun than a business card.The new FedEx Card app for iPhone and Android lets users upload photos and videos and customize them with their own messages.The app lets users send an image to a recipient, which can then be […]