Epson: 5 best smartphone cameras to take with you on your next adventure

The latest version of the best smartphone camera app has been released to the Google Play Store.The new version of Pocket Camera, which was released in the US and the UK on September 4, is an Android app.It is also available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Store.Its main purpose is to allow users […]

Canon’s photo printer costs about £10,000 in the UK, but that’s the price of an upscaler

Canon has revealed that it can price its photo printers for about £1,000 cheaper than they were on the day they were originally launched.The UK’s biggest online retailer, Upscaler, has been selling Canon’s UPX Photo UP3200 camera for £3,999 (around $4,000) since December 2018, but the retailer has since updated its pricing to reflect the […]