How to make the best of an old fashioned paper printer

With a big old print on a shelf, a good paper-making manual, and a ton of disposable paper to keep track of, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you need to start saving up to get a decent printer.You may be wondering what you can do to get the most out of a cheap […]

When you’re on the move, check out Lexmark’s free print-and-print service for all your sports needs

Lexmark, the leading print-on-demand printer, has announced the launch of its print-only printer, Lexmark Print Plus.With its new offering, Lexmarks Print Plus, you can print your own sporting events from anywhere, on any device.In short, Lexes Print Plus will be able to make printing an event in the comfort of your own home as simple […]

How to find the best color print for your business

We are all familiar with color printing and what to look for.But how can you find the right color printer ink and print for the job at hand?We asked our friends at and found out the best printer ink to use for a variety of tasks.Our expert editors at Color were also in […]

Metal prints are ‘really cool’

Metal prints, or metal sculptures, are becoming a new thing for many fans of science fiction.You may have heard of metal prints or metal sculpture but what about those that use other materials to make a sculpture? What are metal prints and how are they made? Let’s take a look. Metal prints are a new genre of sculptures.Metal […]

‘My God, this was a gift’: My daughter’s first printing of a print of ‘A Beautiful Mind’

The first print of A Beautiful Mind is one of the rarest prints available in the world.It was produced in 1962 by the British printer Arthur & Jones and was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 2003.It’s a rare, handmade piece of art.In a way, it’s almost an artifact.It is a copy of the original, […]

What you need to know about the new printer for printing documents

What you’ll need to print your documents with the new laser printer, the newest in the line of printer technologies, the next-generation 3D printer and the latest inkjet printer.In the process of creating a new model of a laser printer to print documents, it’s important to know how it works.A laser printer is an electric, […]

How to fix the internet: How to turn your laptop into a mini photo printing machine

A mini printer that can print photos on your phone, tablet or laptop.We’ve seen this technology before, and while it’s still pretty expensive, it’s a lot easier to build a mini printer out of cheap materials than it is to build an actual one.Read more: mini photo printers are expensive, but there are a number […]

Leopard print printer driver

The latest update from the Leopard printer driver project is here. The latest Leopard driver update is here:  Leopard driver updates. Update #3.8.1  Leopard driver updates is here (full update).Leopards latest update is  here: Leopard driver releases. Update #3,8.0.4  This is the first update from Leopard driver. This is also the first Leopard driver release that doesn’t have any […]


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