Which Google Lens and Google Glass apps will you get?

Google Lens, Google Glass, and the new Google Cardboard Camera app have all been officially announced in India, which has the country’s largest smartphone market.

The company has confirmed the official launch of its Cardboard camera app on Android phones and the Android Wear smartwatch.

Cardboard is a smartwatch-like headset that allows users to control and capture high-resolution 3D photos, video, and 360-degree panoramas.

Google has partnered with the Japanese smartphone maker LG to make the camera app available in India.

The new Google Lens app, which is designed to be used with the Google Glass smartwatch, has been rolled out to more than 100 Indian stores, including a number of major retailers including Walgreens, Kmart, and Lotte.

Google says the new Cardboard app allows users “to create stunning 3D photographs and videos using a variety of 3D images from our library, and share them with friends and family using the Google Cardboards social network.”

It is also available on Android smartphones and Android Wear watches.

The Google Cardboarding camera app also includes “a number of new 360-degrees images and 360 videos” that are designed to provide users “the ultimate 360-camera experience,” according to the Google press release.

Users can “tune the angle and quality of the 3D image to suit your own tastes and preferences,” Google added.

“You can use the app to take 360-angle photos and 360 video, or to capture an immersive 3D panorama.

Google Glass users will be able to capture 3D video on Google Glass.”

The Cardboard Card is a “toy” that can be used by kids, and can be sold as a standalone item for about $100, which Google has set aside for this launch.

The Google Card has been sold out on Amazon in India for a while, but is now available again for about Rs. 4,500.

Google has also announced a new smartphone app for Google Glass.

The new Google Glass app lets users take photos and video with Glass in a few different ways, including in “a gallery” that shows users “a beautiful and realistic-looking 3D photo.”


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