FedEx has the best printing facilities in the US, but it’s only 1% of its customers, writes Kyle Smith

A new Axios investigation finds that even though FedEx offers the best printers in the country, its biggest customers aren’t paying the full price for their service.

The new Axiom analysis found that most of the time, FedEx customers aren’ actually paying for the quality of their service, and that in some cases, they’re paying more than $3 per page of their order.

The analysis looked at all the FedEx packages shipped to customers in the United States and compared that to all the orders the company had shipped to competitors from the same shipping address in the past.

The company only includes FedEx products in its report, which includes packages for items such as furniture, furniture accessories, and home decor.

The data shows that FedEx customers pay more for their shipping than most other major shipping providers, but that’s because most of their orders are for products that aren’t included in FedEx’s list of top-rated packages.

For instance, if a customer orders a box of toys and gets an order for a single set of four, they might pay $3.99 for the same item, but FedEx charges $3 to ship the same box to its customer.

“When it comes to pricing, the best is when the customer actually pays for the product,” said John Kesto, vice president of marketing at Axiom, a global provider of online retail services.

“If they pay for it and they want it, they can get it.”

In this example, the customer is paying $3 for the box and the FedEx customer is shipping the box to them, but the company only charges $1 for the delivery of the package to the customer.

When FedEx is included, the results are clear.

It’s a great value when customers order a single box of Toyland toys, and it’s even better when they order two sets of toys.

However, the company is more than twice as expensive when the customers orders include more than one set of toys than when they don’t.

The same goes for the packaging of the same toys, but when FedEx is excluded, the price goes up by $1.69.

While the company didn’t include the shipping costs in its list of costs it pays, Kestos said FedEx is also charged by UPS for shipping the boxes, and the company isn’t the only company to charge UPS for this service.

“The company that does the most for their customers is UPS, which charges UPS a lot more than FedEx,” Kestocos said.

“It’s the same thing with the packing of the boxes.”

For instance a customer that orders four sets of Toysland toys from FedEx might pay FedEx $4.99 to ship them to the FedEx location, and another customer might pay UPS $4 to ship to the UPS location.

That $4 is the total price they would pay for the package if FedEx is the only shipping company.

The UPS report also shows that a lot of the cost savings are going to the customers who order items that aren.

UPS is charging $2.90 for a shipping fee, but a customer who ordered one box of two toys would pay $4 for the two boxes.

And a customer ordering two boxes of ToysLand would pay a bit more, at $5.00.

The $4 cost to FedEx customers is especially significant because FedEx doesn’t provide FedEx customers with a credit card for their orders.

Customers have to sign a waiver and pay for a separate credit card that’s available to customers outside of the United Sates.

In addition to the cost of the FedEx shipping fee and the UPS charge for shipping, FedEx charges FedEx customers $1 extra to pick up items at the customer’s own expense, and some customers may even have to pay for FedEx to pick them up.

The fees are a little more than 2% of the total cost of a customer’s order.

“A lot of these things cost us a little bit more,” said Kestro.

“I’m not really sure how much we would have to save if we just didn’t have these fees.

But we’re paying a lot for them.

The customer isn’t paying for that.”

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