Prints from a 3D printer have become a staple in the home, thanks to a custom ceramic print

By Claire Fennoy-ReykjavikIt’s the summer of 2015, and Claire Freenoy-Rykjavits a 3d printing enthusiast, is making prints for a new business called Giraffe Prints.

“It was my first job and I had a big dream to build a 3 dimensional printer and I knew I wanted to make the most of it,” she explains.

“So I started making prints in my spare time and I started working on the machines and I really loved making things for people.”

She says that she found it easy to use her 3d scanner, the R3, to make 3D objects.

“I could do things with the machine that a normal printer could’t do, so it really helped me when I started to do the jobs,” she says.

“So I had the idea of creating prints on ceramic, so I was able to create things that were much bigger and more detailed than I could have with my normal 3D printers.”

The 3D printed giraffe prints are made with resin, and are made to last up to 100 years, but Freenoys personal touches include a custom paint job on the front, and a custom design of the giraffe, which is embroidered with her name.

“When I made the giraffes, I knew they were going to be a lot of fun, so when I put them together, I had to have a special design, because I wanted people to recognise me, so we put on a special paint job, so people can recognise you and they can have fun with it,” says Freenoys self-confessed giraffe enthusiast.

Giraffe Printz is an internet based business that has a website and Facebook page where customers can buy their own prints, which are then sent to customers who are able to print them themselves.

Freenoys business model is simple: customers buy prints from her and then she prints them themselves, with a special print designed by her.

“My company is called Giraffes Prints, so if you are looking for a print that will stand out in your home, GiraffePrints is the place to be,” she concludes.

“You will get a print to print with, it will be durable and it will last up until 100 years.”

The Giraffe prints have become an internet phenomenon and Freenys business has already attracted hundreds of customers, with some customers saying they were inspired by her creations.

“Some of the people I’ve had a great response to have their giraffe print made and the prints are amazing and the quality is just fantastic,” says owner, Eilis Mý.

“People say, ‘you made me smile’, or ‘you have made me feel good’.”

Giraffes prints are now available in Iceland for around £15 (€18.30) each, which can be used for a range of projects.


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