Test: Do tattoo ink test print?

NEW YORK — A test for tattoo ink print has revealed that the ink has an inkier finish than the average tattoo, a study suggests.

The study was conducted by a group of researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles who found that ink has a smoother texture than a tattoo and is less scratchy.

Its authors say the findings support the concept of tattoo ink having an inkiness that is similar to tattooing itself.

“It appears that the average artist will find that their tattoo is less durable than a normal tattoo because it has an ‘off’ feel,” said lead author Christopher S. Dolan, a doctoral student in the department of mechanical engineering.

While this finding is exciting, the study cannot prove that the tattoo ink is the same as ink produced by a tattoo artist.

It could just mean that there is more variation in the finish of tattoo-related ink than the typical tattoo artist might be able to control.

Sylvain Lachat, a tattoo expert at the San Francisco tattoo studio The Tattoo Shop, said that if you’re a tattooist, you probably know that you can control the thickness of your tattoo ink and that it will last longer.

“If you are a tattooer, you know that there are certain areas where you can make sure you have the best finish possible,” Lachats said.

This research suggests that even though tattoo ink does have an ink finish, there may be other factors at play that can influence its properties.

For example, the authors suggest that the texture of tattooing ink can change depending on the tattoo artist and the time of year.

According to the study, the average ink in a normal ink tattoo is a thin, almost oily film that sticks to the skin and leaves a black spot when dried.

For tattoos that have been on the skin for several days, the texture will be smoother, but not as glossy.

The researchers said they’re not saying that tattoo ink has no inkiness or that it is unimportant for the artist.

Rather, the findings show that the thickness and finish of ink depend on the artist’s time of day, and the ink’s type.

They suggest that tattooing can help with a wide variety of tattoo applications, including a variety of piercings, tattoos on the wrists, and tattoos on your ears.


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