How to print a metal book using duct tape

You can print metal books using duct-tape and a metal ruler with a metal-free printer.

It’s a simple process that can save you some time and make your books more sturdy.


Choose a metal sheet to print on.

The most popular metal sheet is the standard sheet that most hobbyists use.

But if you want something more flexible, you could try printing on a thick cardstock that can be cut with a hacksaw.2.

Measure the width of the metal sheet.

You’ll want to measure the width between the two edge marks (the sides of the sheet) to get the thickness of the paper you’re printing on.3.

Cut the sheet with a cutter.

Cut one sheet of metal into two equal pieces.

For this tutorial, we’re using a circular saw.4.

Cut two pieces of the same metal sheet together with a file, scissors, and a rotary cutter.5.

Make a template.

With the template, cut two parallel lines (one for each sheet of the template) from the template sheet.6.

Mark the template.

To mark the template in a pattern, mark two lines on the template with a pencil and then trace the pattern on the pattern.7.

Print the template and the pattern onto the sheet.8.

Add more metal.

With your metal ruler, trace two more lines from the metal template onto the metal pattern.

Then, add one more line of metal from the pattern to the template from the ruler.

For example, you might mark two more vertical lines from your metal template to the pattern in the template to create a cross-section.9.

Cut your metal pattern into squares.

Cut each square in half.

The squares will become squares.

If you’re not using the template on your paper, you can cut the template square in a piece of cardboard and tape the squares together to make a cross section.10.

Add duct tape.

Add 1/2 inch of duct tape to the ends of each of the two squares.

This will hold the paper in place.11.

Place the paper into the template piece and cut the corners.12.

Cut out the corner lines.

Place each corner square on a piece