Cheap printer for home users: 3D printer for less than $100

The 3D laser printer is becoming increasingly popular among home users, with consumers increasingly willing to spend more for the convenience and ease of printing and sharing.

But while the cost of the 3D printers is dropping, the printer’s reliability and ease-of-use could still prove to be the biggest advantage, experts said. 

It’s not just home users who will benefit from the technology, but also businesses, and those with more complex designs that require more sophisticated designs, said Brian O’Connell, senior director of design and manufacturing at Dyson, a maker of home automation and environmental control products.

A 3D printed model of a vacuum cleaner for sale on the internet.

Source: DysonSource: 3DSenseFor consumers, the price is already cheaper than its predecessor, the Ultima 7, which cost $499 in 2010.

The Ultima was also popular with the DIY crowd, which could be a big benefit, said O’Brien.

The Ultima’s print quality was poor, but with its cheap price tag, people would buy it if it was a high-end item, said Matthew Leggett, a senior design and production manager at 3DPrinting.

The 3D printing technology also has the potential to make it easier for people to design better designs, with more precise designs, better designs with more detail, said Leggitt.

For example, a home decorator might need a cleaner for the bathroom or kitchen, but the Ultimas can be used to print a better design.

For more information about the 3d printer, go to the US Department of Commerce website at or the European Union website at, or go to

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