Canon is taking a break from the digital world and turning to the art world for its new print shop

In a bold move, Canon on Monday announced it will close its digital printing business, ending a three-decade run that was among the first digital companies to be on a digital footing.

The company, which has been trying to make a comeback with a range of high-end cameras and the Epson printer line, said it will be bringing back the print shop on the shores of Lake Ontario in the Ontario region.

Canon will continue to offer online printing services, but it will no longer offer printing at the EPDX or Epson offices.

“Today’s announcement is a great example of our commitment to our customers,” said John Leahy, chief operating officer of Canon, which also has a digital business in the United Kingdom and a printing business in Australia.

“We’re also proud to announce that we will be partnering with an excellent artist and illustrator, Juniper Print Shop, to bring their unique talents to Canon.”

While Canon will remain a print shop for the time being, it will continue printing for other customers who may have previously chosen to do so.

“Our vision for Canon has always been to build a truly global brand, and we’re pleased to be able to bring that vision to life in Canada,” Leahy said in a statement.

“It’s an exciting time for Canon and for Canon Canada.

We are proud to continue to serve the community that matters most.”

The company did not immediately say what it will do with its printing business.

It was founded in 1965, and was acquired by Canon in 1996 for $10.6 billion.

The company has struggled to recapture the popularity it enjoyed in the 1980s and 1990s with the introduction of the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, but the company has made major strides since then.


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