‘This is not a case of plagiarism’ – Australian university

The University of Sydney has been hit by a string of plagiarisms in the past week.

The university says that on Friday, a university student used a text from a recent speech by former US president Donald Trump to complete an article about the university’s $1bn building.

The article, which is now deleted, said that the building “will be the envy of the world” in the future.

However, it also mentioned that the president had made the building a “national treasure”.

“He also said it would become a ‘great nation’ and would “make the world a better place,” the article said.”

If the university was in such good shape, how can a student be expected to take this article seriously?” a statement from the university said.

On Monday, another university student wrote a book titled The Art of Dealing with People Who Think Like You, which was about how to “do business” with people who think differently from you.

The book was eventually published on Amazon, and was criticised for plagiarising.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is now investigating the matter.”

We do not believe that the use of any material in the book was an example of intentional plagiarism, and will consider all of the circumstances in which a material was copied,” a spokesperson for the commission told the ABC.

The plagiarism was not the only plagiarism to hit the university this week.

On Thursday, a student was accused of plagiarising the title of a book about the history of Australia.

The story of the “first white people” in Australia was about the discovery of a large number of Aboriginal people living on the continent during the 18th century, and a book was published by the University of Queensland in September that included an extract from the book.



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