What is a CVS copier scanner?

By KATE EMMERT and KATE BENTONAssociated PressCVS scanners have become popular for medical scanners in recent years, but the technology can be expensive.

That’s a problem for hospitals.

Now a startup called Pink Cow is bringing the cost of a CVC scanner down to $1 per scan and printing the same product at a fraction of the cost.

The startup says its scanner costs about the same as a $300 printer.

Pink Cow says its CVC scanners will cost about $150 for a single printer.

But with a $50 discount for consumers, the cost is about $20 per scan.

The company says the scanners will be available for use by hospitals, doctors and labs.

Pink cow will begin offering its scanners to hospitals in July.

The scanners are being manufactured by a San Francisco company called MicroCivic.

Pink cows will also sell to retailers like Walmart and Target.