Google Cloud Print and Printing is getting a $2.5 million investment

GlassPrint, a new startup backed by the Google Cloud team, is launching a new service to help print on Google Cloud.

GlassPrint is partnering with Google, which provides the cloud infrastructure to print documents and other digital files on Google servers.

Glassprint’s printer service can print on cloud storage from Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud providers.

The company says its printer is designed to be “less expensive than other printers,” making it ideal for print shops.

Glassprints will be available to consumers on September 21.

Glass prints on Google Drive for business-focused businesses that don’t have the space for physical printers.

Glass Print is available to all business-oriented businesses in the United States, and the U.K. and Australia.

Glass print services will be offered for the foreseeable future, GlassPrint says.

“We believe we have a product that is both affordable and scalable, and that will serve businesses in a way that the competition doesn’t,” GlassPrint CEO Paul Lee told VentureBeat.

The new service is the latest in a wave of Google Cloud printing services.

The Cloud Print Platform, launched in September 2015, allows businesses to use Google Cloud services to print from a variety of cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform.

The platform can also be used for other types of printing, such as custom digital design.

Google has been rolling out new services that can make it easier for businesses to print on the Google cloud, including Google Drive Cloud Print, Google Docs Cloud Print Print, and a suite of print-on-demand services.

Google also offers support for printing through third-party services.

Glass Printing is partnering to create its own printing platform that will provide a more robust and affordable solution to businesses.

Glass is looking to build on existing partnerships with companies to improve the experience for its customers.

For example, the company has been working with Microsoft Azure for a while now.

Glass has been building out its own custom-designed print server for the past two years, and now has access to a large-scale Azure storage infrastructure, including storage for more than 3 billion PDFs and 5 billion images.

The service will include the ability to print in the browser and through other Google Cloud applications, including the Google Drive app and Google Doc.

“The GlassPrint service is an important part of our vision for GlassPrint,” said Jeff Zients, a partner at GlassPrint.

In addition to its standard services, Glass has a variety to offer, including printing in other applications, print previewing, and more. “

For example, Glass Print prints in the Google Chrome browser.

With GlassPrint we are helping our partners continue to grow our business, and providing the most complete service available to customers,” Zients added.”

GlassPrint has been a key part of Google’s development of a more scalable printing platform for businesses.

With GlassPrint we are helping our partners continue to grow our business, and providing the most complete service available to customers,” Zients added.


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