How to avoid an online payment scam

If you’ve spent the last week online shopping for flowers or other items, it’s time to take action.

While some online retailers have been forced to shut down in recent months, others are still active, such as eBay.

But what you should do if you think you’ve been scammed online is to contact the retailer.

Here’s what you need to do and how to check your online account if you’ve fallen victim.

Read more about online payment scams:Scammers can often get away with using a phishing email or SMS to trick you into paying for a product or service.

If the email or message is not legitimate, they can then send you a text message to let you know your payment is invalid and ask you to verify your identity.

If you are not authorized to be using your payment details or to sign in to your account, they may use the email address of a trusted contact to scam you.

In the case of online retailers, there are plenty of options to protect your account if the message or email is genuine.

These are the most common ways to check for fraudulent activity.

Some online retailers offer the option to use a virtual assistant to monitor your account.

This can allow the retailer to scan your account for fraudulent or duplicate payment transactions.

This can prevent fraudulent activity from occurring and ensure you get your money back.

For example, if you are an active member of a shopping group and you log into your account after an invitation from a friend, the online retailer will scan your payment history to determine if there are any fraudulent transactions.

If so, they will refund the money.

In some cases, there may also be a form of verification offered by the retailer that will verify the account and identify the merchant.

This means the retailer will ask you for verification of your identity, address and credit card information before you can buy from them.

The retailer may also request you to provide your payment card details and other personal information.

This will help them to identify you and prevent fraud.

While this process may seem trivial, many of the retailers require a verification code or credit card number before you are allowed to make a purchase.

The retailer may then send an email to verify the transaction and verify that the information you provide matches the information that they have requested.

You can also call your bank to confirm the details of your payment or to verify if your credit card or bank account has been compromised.

If you’re concerned that the transaction you’ve made is fraudulent, you should contact your bank.

If the bank tells you the transaction is fraudulent or they don’t know the details, they should contact the seller.

The fraudster’s email is likely to have an attachment that includes information that can be used to contact you, including a link to a fraudulent website.

If there are no fraudulent activity and the online merchant is authorised to be processing your transaction, the retailer can then refund the payment and take it to the bank.

Once the bank has verified your identity and the transaction has been verified, they’ll send you an email that instructs you to cancel the transaction.

If, however, the transaction hasn’t been verified and the seller doesn’t accept your credit or debit card, they’re not authorised to process your transaction.

They may refuse to process the payment or cancel the order.

Your online account will then remain inactive.

You should always contact the bank to make sure your account has not been compromised, and if it has been, they must notify the Australian Consumer Law Centre.

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