What can lasers do for us?

New Scientist article Laser printers can make the most of light, which in turn, can make us feel better.

But how can we use them for a range of different things, like building a house, reading books, cleaning cars and even getting a massage?

Here’s a look at some of the potential applications of the technology.1.

A laser printer can make a house out of cardboard2.

A printer can create custom-built homes out of scrap metal3.

A car can be printed with a laser instead of a conventional printer4.

A lamp can be built out of a laser and then attached to a computer5.

A vacuum cleaner can be powered by laser power6.

A computer can be made out of an optical sensor.7.

A phone can be used to send emails8.

A camera can be manufactured out of lasers.9.

A solar panel can be designed using laser power10.

A microwave can be programmed to make electricity11.

A power meter can be assembled into a laser.12.

A scanner can be turned into a video recorder13.

A smartphone can be equipped with a high-resolution camera14.

A projector can be configured with lasers.15.

A radio can be combined with lasers to make a radio receiver.16.

A thermostat can be adjusted with lasers17.

A digital camera can take images using lasers18.

A TV can be mounted on a laser printer19.

A hair dryer can be converted into a hair-dryer by a laser20.

A bed can be decorated with lasers, hair, paint and so on.21.

A speaker can be attached to the underside of a light source and used to control an LED.22.

A washing machine can be controlled by lasers23.

A remote control can be connected to a laser, and then controlled by the laser24.

A wireless router can be placed in a laser projector.25.

A drone can be modified to make autonomous drones to transport goods from one place to another.26.

A small drone can collect dust in a vacuum to remove it from the air27.

A light can be integrated into a car to light the windshield28.

A wearable computer can control a robotic arm with lasers29.

A robot can be created using lasers to deliver medicine30.

A robotic arm can make deliveries using lasers31.

A 3D printer can be a robot that turns itself into a robotic body.32.

A microcontroller can be inserted into the surface of a microprocessor and controlled with lasers33.

A laptop can be wired into a printer34.

A webcam can be positioned on the back of a camera and used as a webcam35.

A Bluetooth headset can be incorporated into a computer to make Bluetooth calls.36.

A GPS can be manipulated to automatically direct a car towards a given location.37.

A photo can be scanned with lasers in order to record a person’s face38.

A video can be recorded with lasers39.

A microphone can be put into a micrometer to record sound40.

A sound projector can record sound by combining sound waves and light41.

A micromechanical keyboard can be constructed using lasers and then used to type text42.

A portable audio system can be plugged into a microphone and recorded with a camera.43.

A television can be set up to play a video or a radio with lasers44.

A virtual reality headset can simulate a physical environment.45.

A photovoltaic panel can generate electricity by using lasers46.

A sensor can be implanted into the skin of a patient to record and then use a laser to detect when a disease is present47.

A cellphone can be embedded with a digital camera and then connected to an internet service provider48.

A head strap can be added to a headset to help people control their heads49.

A pacemaker can be customized to control a person by sending signals to the brain.50.

A home can be custom-made to accommodate a child who cannot use a wheelchair51.

A coffee machine can make it easier for people to eat with a smartphone52.

A dog can be trained to walk in a particular direction53.

A baby can be raised using a camera that can also be controlled with laser power54.

A smart phone can store a person in a special location that can be accessed remotely when needed.55.

A personal digital assistant can learn to respond to a person when called56.

A device can be sent from a laser pointer to a phone so that a person can be called for help.57.

A battery can be charged using lasers58.

A mobile phone can make calls59.

A heart monitor can record and analyze a patient’s heart60.

A child can be taught to use a mobile device to play video games.61.

A pair of sunglasses can be fitted with lasers that can make them look like sunglasses62.

A door can be opened using lasers63.

A pet can be petrified using lasers64.

A voice can be activated with lasers65.

A machine can produce a vacuum cleaner that is powered


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