Lexmark is the perfect printer for 3D printing animal prints

Updated February 10, 2018 08:55:24 A company called Lexmark has developed a printer that can make up to 50,000 3D printed items at a time.

The company claims that the printer’s laser cutter can make a 3D print of an animal, even if it’s made of resin or plastic.

“Our printer has the highest capacity of any laser cutter,” Lexmark CEO Nick Gee said.

“It is able to create a print from a single piece of fabric, even the smallest object.”

Lexmark’s new printer can create up to five objects, with an estimated weight of 1.3kg.

“The material is 3D-printed, which means it can be printed with any 3D printer, from small, inexpensive machines to big industrial machines, including those from Lexmark,” Gee added.

“We are now testing out the print to produce the animal, and we are hoping to make prints of up to 100 animals per batch.”

LexmARK is one of a number of 3D printers that are making waves, with the new Lexmark printer offering a lot more functionality than the standard printers used by many other 3D companies.

The new printer is designed to be compatible with existing 3D products, and can be easily scaled up.

The printer is made using 3D Printer Plus, a laser cutter which has been used by printers such as Makerbot and Stratasys for decades.

Gee told ABC News that Lexmark plans to sell the printer to other companies in the near future.

“If they want to use it in their next product, we will be able to integrate it into that,” he said.

The first batch of Lexmark 3D prints are being made by the company in a small warehouse in Australia.

“They are very small, so they are more durable than some of the larger models that you would normally see in this price range,” Gue said.

Gue and his team of designers are hoping that Lexmarks new printer will allow people to 3Dprint more objects.

“I think the whole point of this project is to provide a great platform for 3d printing,” Guede said.

Lexmark already has plans to release an animal print kit that will allow the public to create up and up from the animals it prints.


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