HP to start producing laser printers in China

The US-based HP, which is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of laser printers, has said it will start producing its laser printers globally within the next few years.

The move follows announcements by Chinese companies and others to boost their domestic laser-printing capacity, and in the case of HP’s announcement, the Chinese company will be selling the new printers at a price that is much cheaper than its own domestic competitors.HP said the laser printers will cost less than US$500 (£328) to make.

They will be sold under the HP LaserWriter brand, which it has been promoting since the company began manufacturing printers in 2008.

China is China’s largest consumer market for printers and, at the moment, there are fewer than 3,500 HP LaserWriters and only around 500 HP LaserPrinters in the country. 

But with a $1.1bn (£1.3bn) investment in its LaserWriter division in 2010, HP hopes to have more than 1,500 laser printers ready for the market in China by 2021.

The company’s laser printers are widely used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in China, where healthcare workers are often used to making patient records available online for patients.