Brother printer ink: Filippo Tullio says Milan are ‘ready to face’ Juventus

Filippos Tullios is the brother of Gianluigi Tulli, the current Milan Coach and a great talent.

In fact, the coach has been so impressed by his son’s potential that he made him the assistant coach for the upcoming season, according to the Corriere dello Sport.

“I’m happy that Tulliano will be able to coach,” he said, adding that he would be happy to keep Tulliai as his brother.

“It’s a shame that Tyno is not more able to manage the team, but I have no problem in saying that I am glad he’s able to come in for the season.”

We’ll have a good season and I’m sure we’ll have more than enough to fight for the Champions League, the Coppa Italia and, yes, the Serie A title.

“But we have a lot of work to do.”

Tullio is the second-youngest coach in Milan history, and he is also the only coach in the history of the club to have a full-time assistant coach (although, interestingly, it was Gianlui Tullie who was Milan’s assistant coach from 1999 to 2004).

He was the assistant for seven years, but it is the responsibility of the assistant coaches to provide coaching and technical guidance.

The younger Tulliatos have been working with the boys on and off the field during the past few seasons, but he has been impressed by the development of young players.

“The players are really enjoying themselves, which is important for us, as we know that the quality of the players will be important to the success of the team,” Tulliol said.

“That’s why I feel that we have to prepare more well and give the players the right opportunity to play.”

The younger brothers have been given more responsibility in recent seasons and their roles have been expanded.

Gianlu and Tullieto have been the pair who have been leading the charge for the young players, with Gianluis taking on the responsibilities of making sure the players are on the pitch and on the training field.

“Gianlui is an amazing coach and his knowledge of the game is second to none,” Tulio said.

“He’s an amazing player too and he’s an incredible coach, as I know him very well.”

There are a lot more responsibilities that I’m responsible for.

Tullino and I have different styles, but there’s no doubt that we share a similar style of coaching, with a great knowledge of football.

This season, we’re going to try to do this.”