How to create a beautiful and simple cow print on a budget

There are a ton of ways to make a cow print from the inside out, but for those of us who can’t be bothered, this is a great one to start with. 

You’ll need: a flat-top printer, a sheet of newspaper, some scissors and some paper towels, and some scissors. 

Start with a newspaper and paper towel. 

Cut off a piece of paper with the newspaper and scissors.

 Then you’ll need to cut out your print with scissors.

I used my old paper towel, but you could use any clean paper towel you like. 

When you’re finished, take your scrap paper and place it in the newspaper. 

This will help you to hold the newspaper on the newspaper, and it’ll also help to keep it from smearing over your print. 

It’ll take some practice, but once you get it right, you can start using it for everything from your logo to your wedding photo. 

I’ve included a picture below, but if you’re going to be doing this in person, you’ll want to use this as a guide. 

The paper towel will hold the paper, so it’s not really a good choice for this kind of thing. 

Now it’s time to do your paper towel cutting. 

To cut out the paper towel for the cow print, you should cut it into strips. 

Here’s what the paper will look like when cut: Now you’ll use your scissors to cut through the paper. 

These scissors are perfect for cutting out a cow. 

They’ll make it so you don’t have to worry about smearing paper on your prints. 

At this point, you could also use your hands to trim the edges of your cow print.

You’ll want the corners to be smooth and even. 

If you’re not able to get the paper cut right, your print will look really, really messy. 

So, start cutting your paper.

I usually cut my paper strips into four pieces, but here are some tips: Start in the middle of the paper strip. 

Keep your fingers and thumb tight together. 

Don’t cut the paper down too much. 

Use a little pressure to make the paper look like it’s holding the paper up. 

Then cut into two pieces. 

That should take care of the rough edges, and your cow should look really pretty. 

After you’ve cut out all of the pieces, place the scraps of paper on the paper and start to trace them onto the paper with your finger. 

Make sure that your paper doesn’t touch the paper you’re tracing. 

Once you’ve traced your cow onto the newspaper you’re cutting out, you’re ready to print your print out. 

Take a picture of your print and place the image on your printer. 

There’s no need to print everything exactly the same way, but it’ll give you a good idea of how the print should look. 

Enjoy your print, and you’re done! 

Printing a cow image is really simple, and I’ve included some tips to make it easier. 


Place your paper strips on the printer.

This is a really good place to start, because you’ll be able to trace the paper onto the strips.

 The best place to place your paper is the back of the printer, so that the paper is laying flat on the back. 

Just be careful that you don´t print your cow image across your printer’s back, as this will cause it to fall off the back too easily. 


Tape your paper to the paper before you begin to print.

You’ll need a lot of tape to get this all right. 

Try not to cut any paper off of your printed image as this could ruin the print.3. 

Mark your cow on your paper, then trace your cow’s outline onto the print with your fingers. 

In my example, I used a piece, but any kind of paper will do. 4. 

Print your print at a steady speed of around 200 – 300 DPI (digital pixel density). 

It will take a little bit of practice, and the actual printing will probably take longer than that. 


Attach the print to your website or your website template. 

Using the template, you have a link to your print in your blog, on your website, or wherever you want to link to it. 6. 

Put the print on your page. 

Do not leave it hanging on your site or your template.

It can easily fall off. 


Add a caption. 

Have a quick look at your image, and then add a caption on your image. 

For example, if you want your cow to have a big mouth, add a sentence like: A cow made from paper and paper alone would be an impossible challenge.  I


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