‘Dangerous’ bill to bar state funding to Planned Parenthood could face a court challenge

The Republican-led state legislature is considering legislation that would bar the state from funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion-on-demand services.The bill was introduced Tuesday by Rep. John Kline (R-MN), who has also proposed banning state funds for abortions, but was not immediately voted on by the House.The state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has previously […]

Why the world’s largest printer doesn’t have the power to print its own photos

What’s the most important lesson we can learn from the global power struggle between China and the U.S.?The answer lies in the history of printing.While the Chinese and the Americans have been at war since the early 19th century, it was not until World War II that the two countries finally broke through the stalemate.It […]

Epson: 5 best smartphone cameras to take with you on your next adventure

The latest version of the best smartphone camera app has been released to the Google Play Store.The new version of Pocket Camera, which was released in the US and the UK on September 4, is an Android app.It is also available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Store.Its main purpose is to allow users […]

How to find the best print shop for you

How to make the most of your business and budget?This guide is designed to help you make the right choice for your business, as well as your family.It’s important to understand that the price of print is one of the biggest factors in the purchase of a printer, and that the print shop is more […]

Metal prints are ‘really cool’

Metal prints, or metal sculptures, are becoming a new thing for many fans of science fiction.You may have heard of metal prints or metal sculpture but what about those that use other materials to make a sculpture? What are metal prints and how are they made? Let’s take a look. Metal prints are a new genre of sculptures.Metal […]

How To Write a Perfectly-Scaled Image: An Introduction to Photoshop

A quick overview of the tools that Photoshop developers use to create digital images.You can learn more about this in the video below.In addition to Photoshop’s advanced features, it’s also important to know what Photoshop has to offer in terms of image editing.Photoshop’s built-in image editor lets you create a variety of images, which can […]

Which are the best and most popular printers for printing images?

This year, we’ve been looking at some of the most popular printer types.We’ve also seen some interesting trends in the form of the cheapest printers being used for low-cost print jobs.The best printers are now starting to show up in high-end notebooks, tablets, printers, and printers for high-density print jobs, and these are all using […]

When is the next Champions League game?

The Europa League final is the biggest competition in Europe, so it’s no surprise that the most lucrative game in the calendar is usually the most expensive to produce.The top five teams from the tournament earn €3.7 million each in ticket sales and broadcasting rights, while the top three earn €1.6 million apiece.So who has […]


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